This service is designed to save you money.

It does so by saving:

emotional upheaval to yourselves and your children

professional fees


loss of focus on your business or career

We offer to help divorcing or separating partners come to a fair and reasonable financial
settlement together by:-

Investigating and clarifying comprehensive financial information. This is the main service offered and it is designed to avoid huge expense in separate Solicitor’s and Forensic Accountant’s costs.

Giving neutral legal information on the principles of law applicable to your circumstances and the way in which those principles are generally applied.

We aim to reduce the time and expense involved in reaching agreement and disclosure of financial information, and valuation of assets and businesses. Those assets will commonly include businesses, offshore investments, and trust funds. It is unlikely that the service would be useful for any case involving less than £500,000 in assets, excluding the matrimonial home.

Please note Divorce Deals does not act for either party in any divorce, and it is suggested that each party should seek separate legal representation and advice.
We do not deal with disputes about children, which are referred to excellent local mediation services.
N.B. Not sure if you want a divorce or separation?
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