Personnel . . .

Penny Raby L.L.B

Divorce lawyer with over 25 years experience specialising in high nett worth cases. Excellent track record in achieving settlements; in the last 11 years only 5 cases have had to reach full trial. Has appeared on television and radio and held numerous local and national Law Society posts.

Please note : Penny is not acting as a solicitor with Harmony House (Pershore) Limited and that business is not part of Penny Raby & Co. of Pershore, nor does it benefit from protection under the Solicitors Acts.

Michael Gordon F.C.M.A.

Chartered Management Accountant with over 25 years experience both in forensic accountancy work in divorce and in the practicalities of running a business. Has extensive experience in investigating and explaining the complications of business finances to help both parties come to a clear understanding of their financial position, which must precede any agreement. Has held numerous committee posts in business and professional spheres.
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